Using ldapsearch in Linux to list all members of a specific Windows active directory group

I had a requirement to get a list of all users in a specific group in active directory running on a Windows server. I needed to pull a list of windows user names back into a shell script on an AIX system in order to set samba file sharing permissions for a specific subset of […]

php-cgi high cpu

Fixing PHP-CGI high cpu usage on your web server running wordpress sites

After running some checks on my webserver I noticed that the CPU was running high between 90-100% capacity. Considering the normal usage was between 2-3 % this didn’t look right. Initially when running the top command I found that the processes that were hogging the CPU were all PHP-CGI processes. After some further investigation I […]

cpanel remote mail server

How to use a remote MX mail server for mails in CPanel

I hit an issue recently with routing of mail. Whenever mail was sent from a php script on my server it would not send the mail out. The reason for this is because the same server has domain names and email accounts configured locally. So the system just routed the mails to the local server. […]